A Basic Introduction to the Amazing Unturned

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A Basic Introduction to the Amazing Unturned

In the world of modern gaming, it can be easy to get caught up in hyperbole. Every generation of gamers has had this problem, though, as technology evolves and, in doing so, gives developers more and more options for what they can do. So when it comes to something like Unturned, it can be easy to go overboard with praise, despite its relative simplicity. However, the game has a lot going for it, even unturned hacks. Here’s a basic introduction to this current household name.

Fundamental Design

Unturned is a free game you can find on the Steam network. Its design is a sandbox game built for multiple players to all test their skills in a apocalyptic situation where they need to survive. Of course, this has become a very popular genre as of late.

Game Premise

The first place that Unturned begins differing from the rest of the games out there, especially those in the same genre, is that it’s less far less about action and more about strategy. That may not seem like too bold a move, but remember that we’re not talking about a traditionally strategic genre. Surviving the apocalypse usually means a first person shooter or some other category that allows the player access to endless excitement.

Yet Unturned has become hugely successful by offering players the opportunity to simply tie down the hatchets and prepare for the worst. Players can forage for supplies, fortify their location, learn to live off of the land, negotiate with others for necessary items and much more. It’s fun, to be sure, but non-traditional in a number of important, yet intriguing, ways.

Community Feedback

As you can probably tell from the above description, Unturned relies heavily on the idea of community. You and yours are trying to survive an apocalypse, after all, so the more you can do to built a strong, thriving community, the better off your chances are for survival.

However, the idea of community means much more than that for Unturned. That’s because the game continues to evolve thanks to the capabilities of a game on the Steam Network. As players all over the world decide what they want to see from this title, the developer can change things within the game to give them exactly as they want. As time goes on, the finished product actually changes for the better. That’s an idea everyone can get behind.

Considering the price tag, it’s well worth actually playing this game if this basic introduction has sparked your interest.

Transistor Review


Transistor is an exciting action role-playing game that features a sword with a voice. Different, right? You will be amazed at how interesting this really is, especially if you play the game on the PS4 console. Transistor was released on PS4 and Windows. They are virtually identically except that on the PS4 you can have the voice of the sword come through the controller. This gives you the feeling of actually being the transistor and serving as a tool guided by Red, the main character. This little add is totally immersing and very cool, if I do say so myself.

The game play begins with Red who is a lounge singer that has lost her voice. The Camerata, under the orders of the Process, is hunting her. The first scene shows Red kneeling next to an unknown man with the sword she would come to possess, the Transistor, buried in his chest. At first blush you have a million questions running through your head: Who is the Process? Why is he after Red? Who is the man with the sword in his chest? The fun is in finding out the answers.

Transistor’s hand drawn backdrop lends itself nicely to the classic anime characters chosen by Supergiant. The whole feeling makes you think of noir, so the styling fits perfectly into that motif. The game was released on May 20, 2014 on Windows and PS4 and was met with rave reviews. Try it and see what all the raves are about.

Child Of Light Review


If you like RPG games and want a taste of what this mode of play used to be coupled with the modern beauty of retro recreations, Child of Light is the game for you. The colors and backdrop are reminiscent of games of old. Child of Light represents fantasy and exploration to the max.

Child of Light utilizing side-scrolling to keep the feel of moving action in place. Battle occurs on the run and appears to be three dimensional at times considering the angle. Sword play, dazzling balls of fire, and defeating opposition in one fell swoop are characteristics to which Child of Light stays true.

Child of Light was released on Windows, PS34, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 60, and Xbox One in April 2014. It will be released on Playstation Vita in July 2014.